Portal Voice and Data is able to deliver telephone systems to suit small, single office businesses through to large multi-site, international enterprises. Portal offer complex unified communications systems; that is, centralised management of traditional telephony, data communications, digital voice telecoms and distributed collaboration tools.

Flagship solutions such as the NEC SV9100 and NEC SV8100 are able to revolutionise how businesses communicate and collaborate across their own staff, external suppliers and customers.

Aggressively priced, the NEC SL1100 offers complete management of telephony and digital voice telecoms for SME/SMB organisations. Anyone looking to reduce their overheads and increase productivity through improvements in customer contact and internal collaboration should consider contacting Portal now.

Avoiding any likelihood of hardware obsolescence, software based communications systems such as the NEC Univerge 3C offers a scalable unified communications system that grows with your business. The ability to extend functionality from core voice communications, via media conferencing and collaboration tools makes Univerge 3C the right tool for organisation operating across a very wide range of industry sectors.