With hundreds of call providers in the UK, choosing the best one for your organisation can be extremely time consuming. There are many differences in the various line rental and call charging packages, including setup costs, exit fees, call costs across different geographic destinations, days of the week when calls are made, time of day, mean and median call duration and more.

Our policy is to only recommend tier one call carriers who have their own physical infrastructure so call traffic is not compressed and you will not encounter problems with time delay. 

Whilst most of our clients approach us to save them money on lines and calls, we offer highly competitive call prices coupled with the best service levels from a familiar team.  Additionally, because Portal also offers advice and services surrounding data-communications packages, we gain a better picture of your organisations total communications requirements. So by placing your call traffic with Portal, you can be assured that we have complete ownership of any fault, ensuring efficient resolution of any problem that may occur.

Typically, we offer:
  • Per second billing as opposed to per unit billing.

  • No change of existing telephone numbers.

  • The ownership of your telephone numbers stays with your business.

  • No misleading contract and small print.



Web Billing

Portal Voice & Data is very pleased to offer online real-time access and analysis of your calls and charges in a number of highly flexible formats:

  • Per Site Billing

  • Group Analysis

  • Historical Analysis

  • Summary View

  • Graphical Reports

  • Top 10 Analysis

  • Time of Day, Month or Year Call Distribution

The depth of the data analysis can be a little intimidating, so for this reason Portal would be delighted to show you how you can use this data to benefit your organisation. For example, we can setup a range of standard reports on items such as longest calls, most expensive calls, frequently dialled numbers and destinations. This sort of information can be useful in identifying active, inactive or fraudulent callers within your organisation.