The UNIVERGE® SV8100 Communication Server is a high performance, feature-rich server for both VoIP and traditional voice communications. Whatever your requirements, it can be expanded for up to 512 users without the need to upgrade the main unit. The SV8100 is easy to administer and maintain and works as either a traditional PBX or an IP enabled system.

The SV8100 is easily upgraded and expanded, making it cost effective now and in the future. Moving and adding handsets within your organization is quick and easy; simply plug the phone in wherever it’s needed and it’s ready to use.

If your business has multiple branches, the SV8100’s Netlink feature allows resources and features to be transparently shared across the sites, another way to save time, money and resources.

Mobile Extension

The SV8100 Mobile Extension feature is like being in when you’re out. Treat your mobile like your desk phone and enjoy system features while you’re on the move. Your staff are more reachable and can maintain high customer service levels at all times. You save on voicemails; call backs and can put an end to ‘telephone tag’. Your mobile employees can be contacted on the same extension number whether they are in the office, working from home or are on the road.



‘MyCalls’ is a complete call management, call-centre management, call recording and call activity application. All happening in real-time, this allows speedy response to changing conditions in your business.

  • Alarms can be programmed to alert a manager or an operator when a set rule is broken i.e. call unanswered for over 20 seconds.
  • Detailed call logs including calls received, calls abandoned, calls waiting to be answered, calls made, staff available for calls, call length and more.
  • Reporting which can be scheduled or run, including call costs, response times, staff telephone performance and levels of customer service.
  • Activity Display Wallboard to ensure you can see agent activity, callers in queue, call waiting times, and can employ automatic call distribution (ACD) based on skill sets.
  • Up to the minute call queue information and customisable alerts allow managers and call centre staff to see their performance in real-time.
  • Screen-pops speed up workflow by providing caller information even before a call is taken.
  • Transferrable screen pop ups to avoid ‘double handling’ an enquiry.
  • Call recording gives you the peace of mind so you always prove who said what.
  • Can be used as an effective training tool for your team such as sharing successful sales calls, reviewing telephone skills and more.





User-friendly handsets

The SV8100’s phone handsets have been designed to improve the overall user experience and bring the system features to life. With intuitive screen prompts little training is required. Intuitive screen updates include notification of new voice or instant messages, missed calls and the telephone user’s current presence status.

Handset Benefits:

  • LED indicates ringing (colour coding for different departments), new voicemails and missed calls
  • Caller iD can provide incoming callers name and number
  • Speakerphone for hands-free calls and audio conferences
  • Quick access to voicemails, speed dials, company directory, call recording, callbacks, conferencing and more
  • See your call history, redial missed calls and change your settings