UNIVERGE 3C is a powerful, all-in-one software-based Unified Communications and Collaboration platform. It operates across physical premises, cloud hosted applications or environments built from a mixture of the two.

With adaptive clients operating consistently across PCs, smartphones and tablets, it enables anywhere, anytime access for increased efficiency and productivity, supporting full call control and Unified Communications UC features for office as well as mobile and remote workers.

Every user can control devices, set profiles, access integrated voicemail, check presence, IM, initiate video and create collaboration meetings... all from a single client software interface. UNIVERGE 3C is a single business application that is easy to install, manage, upgrade and support and a natural fit into enterprise virtualised IT infrastructures and data centers.

Complexity and cost are reduced by licensing from a software-based licensing model, while comprehensive management tools support easy administration either on-site or via remote-access. By building 3C from the ground up to be highly resilient, business continuity is maximised; while open, standards-based components enable seamless interoperability and integration of your communications systems into simple, manageable business processes.

UNIVERGE 3C runs on an off-the-shelf industry standard physical or virtual (VMware or Hyper-V) Windows server & can be delivered via DVD or preinstalled & configured.