UNIVERGE 3C Collaboration Meeting Manager (CMM) is a sophisticated voice, video and web collaboration solution that is integrated within the UNIVERGE 3C software platform. It equips your employees with the tools they require to improve efficiency, decrease spending by reducing the need for travel and stay informed. As a result, your employees become more responsive and productive through real-time sharing of information and most importantly, service your customers better.

Enables Real-Time Sharing and Exchange of Information

Employees across multiple locations are empowered to share audio, video, virtual whitebaords and any other web content in real time. Reducing, or even removing, the need to physically meet can dramatically reduce travel costs and minimise a businesses impact on the environment. By freeing up potentially lengthy travel times, associated productivity gains are achievable too.

A Comprehensive, Secure Collaboration Solution

All data sent across via Collaboration Meeting Manager is 256bit encrypted, making digital eavesdropping a tough proposition for any would-be hacker. In addition, only invited participants can attend once they have entered their PIN; generated at the point of meeting setup by the meeting leader. This dual-layered approach to security alleviates the need for multiple security measures from multiple software and/or data providers, further lowering costs and minimising administration complexity.

Provides Quick and Easy Scheduling and Access to Meetings

Meetings are easy to setup, from either CMM, an Outlook Calendar, individual contacts or the Univerge 3C Unified Communications client software. Once scheduled, invitees are sent either an email, a IM or chat message with all logistical details and access codes. Participation can be initiated from any browser window, a tablet or mobile device or simply either an telephone or IP phone. Meetings can be ad-hoc, repeated or permanent.

Customizable Meeting Options

There are many ways in which CMM meetings can be customised based on the requirements of the meeting leader. Participants can be set to only view the presence of the leader or all other participants, or specific named participants. The meeting can be set to permanent with no end, enabling people to jump back in as and when required. Documentation can be set to “view” or download. Participant statistics can be saved to show attendee presence and time in meeting.

Enables the Ability to Record Meeting for Future Reference

The entire content of a CMM meeting can be recorded and saved. A simple URL is generated to re-access either the video, audio and/or whiteboard sessions. This is particularly useful for training sessions, enabling attendees to review content after the meeting.