Billing and Research Manager
Apart from billing, Phil works on Portal’s major projects and recently helped implement new data systems providing customers with detailed information about their telecoms usage. Since joining Portal in 2012, Phil has also focused on product and industry research allowing Portal to deliver quality products from robust suppliers and helped to manage the launch of new products and services.
Phil joined Portal after having worked as a freelance billing consultant for a large UK residential telecoms provider.  He has been involved in running a variety of IT and Telecoms companies and has been working with Openreach from the near start of wholesale line rental. 
The combination of an IT and telecoms background allowed Phil to introduce innovative new business models.  Amongst his earliest achievements was the bundling of broadband and telephone lines into a single package and the introduction of a usage based charging for broadband.  He did this 3 years before the large residential companies.
After building up a successful telecoms company, Phil’s business was acquired by a large residential telecoms provider where he worked for over 6 years as a billing consultant.  While there, Phil was responsible for decommissioning data applications and replacing them with a single new database.  He also oversaw the acquisition of multiple telecoms businesses including one household name.