Gender Pay Gap

As a company of less than 250 employees, Portal is not necessarily required to publish our Gender Pay Gap figures. However, we believe in transparency and fairness as a company, in light of which we present our figures below.

• mean gender pay gap in hourly pay: 20%
• median gender pay gap in hourly pay: 7%
• mean bonus gender pay gap: -361%
• median bonus gender pay gap: -45%
• proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment: 11% v 38%
• proportion of males and females in each pay quartile:

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Portal Voice and Data embarks upon recruitment drive

Portal Voice and Data Limited is pleased to announce the company is currently embarking upon a substantial recruitment initiative. 

The aim is to increase employee numbers by 30% over the next 6 months.  New positions are being created within the sales department, as well as operations. 

Plus, individuals will also be required to fill technical and account management roles.  

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