Portal Helps Out Local Charity

When a Norfolk charity found itself in difficulties back in 2013, Portal Voice and Data stepped in to help.

Norwich based charity, Musical Keys, provides music and arts based activities for people of all ages with disabilities and additional needs, across Norfolk.  Over 27 years, they have developed a comprehensive programme enabling participants to develop personal and social skills, build confidence and express themselves through enjoyable, interactive sessions. Their groups also offer a support network to parents, carers and families. 

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Le Mans Data Engineer Helps Portal Go Faster

Here at Portal we are always striving to make our processes better, faster and more efficient in order to offer the best possible service to our customers.

Jonathan Lynn, an engineering consultant and Excel extraordinaire, has been brought in to overhaul a number of internal spreadsheets. Portal company car users are disappointed that their cars won’t be tuned to endurance racing spec.

From the podium at Le Mans to the Portal sales spreadsheets; that’s versatility!

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5 Years as an Internet Service Provider

Five years ago Portal took the step up to ISP. This means, as a member of RIPE NCC, we are able to provide IP addresses to customers that need them rather than outsourcing from other companies.
The RIPE Network Coordination Centre is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation. Formed in 1992, it supports over 12,000 members in 76 countries. Members like Portal manage and distribute the internet number resources that they receive from the RIPE NCC at a local level.

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