All new product installations, for either voice products or data products, are project managed by qualified and experienced people from the Portal operations team.

Portal manages all aspects of your installation, including hardware, software and integration with your existing infrastructure. We work with you to ensure your new platform is installed quickly, smoothly and that your staff are fully conversant with the new system.

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Portal's installation service features the following:
  • Our own directly employed engineers or engineers who have been trained by Portal. There are approximately 30 qualified engineers available.

  • Network liaison, if required, to ensure new line requirements and provide a new range of dedicated numbers. This includes retaining, where possible, key existing numbers such as advertised switchboard numbers. 

  • Existing facility checking, such as alarms, modems and faxes to ensure a smooth changeover to your new platform.

  • Existing supplier liaison and communication to ensure everybody is aware of key deadlines and changes to infrastructure.

  • Site survey meeting to confirm all programming and departmental requirements.

  • Advice on handling the changeover period to your new platform.

  • Training to ensure your staff are familiar with the added features of your new platform.

  • Post installation follow up for all minor programming changes to ensure your platform is providing optimum functionality.

  • Customer survey post installation to ascertain the quality and satisfaction levels and to feed back into quality improvements.