• “Very happy, excellent response to urgent need to install system. Remote programming worked really well. Good example of how teamwork should work."
    Adele Wright,   IT Manager, Volvo Truck & Bus Centre


Today many organisations appear faceless, prove unresponsive and are difficult to contact.  Portal strives to be the exact opposite of this.  We invest heavily in our staff and processes to enable timely and intelligent dialogue with a familiar and trusted team. Similarly, investment in the best management and technology systems enhances Portal’s abilities to communicate and manage your services effectively.

Staff accreditation

All Portal sales, engineering and technical staff have passed rigorous training courses and gained industry accreditation.  You can therefore rest assured that Portal will deliver the best and most appropriate commercial advice and support in today’s marketplace.  We constantly strive to deliver the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Account Management

Portal will liaise with you post installation and provide account management resources to ensure you continue to be pleased both with your new system/network and our service delivery.  Typically this involves two proactive telephone calls a year and a site visit if beneficial.  Our help desk support team are available to answer queries.  

If you would like to meet your account manager to discuss a new project or any issues, we will organise a meeting at your convenience.  Portal’s aim is to work with you as your business evolves and to ensure the services we offer you are working smoothly, changing with your organisation and are always in your best interests.