Gender Pay Gap Report

As a company of less than 250 employees, Portal is not necessarily required to publish our Gender Pay Gap figures. However, we believe in transparency and fairness as a company, in light of which we present our figures below.

• mean gender pay gap in hourly pay: 20%
• median gender pay gap in hourly pay: 7%
• mean bonus gender pay gap: -361%
• median bonus gender pay gap: -45%
• proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment: 11% v 38%
• proportion of males and females in each pay quartile:
Upper 75%/25%
Upper Middle 50%/50%
Lower Middle 50%/50%
Lower 50%/50%

Portal will endeavor to do everything we can to encourage equal opportunities within the company.
As you can see from our bonus figures, we believe in rewarding hard work and will always appoint the best person for the job, no matter what their gender.