5 Years as an Internet Service Provider

Five years ago Portal took the step up to ISP. This means, as a member of RIPE NCC, we are able to provide IP addresses to customers that need them rather than outsourcing from other companies.
The RIPE Network Coordination Centre is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation. Formed in 1992, it supports over 12,000 members in 76 countries. Members like Portal manage and distribute the internet number resources that they receive from the RIPE NCC at a local level.
This benefits the customer by streamlining the process, in that we don’t need to outsource IP numbers and if the customer moves to a different carrier they can keep the same IP numbers. Portal can provide everything you need for a working Internet connection, from the IP address to the wireless router to the VoIP phones for the end user.

Contact our Sales team for more information on our ISP services:
Phone: 01603 228501
Email: SalesSupport@portal-comms.co.uk